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MailScout is a new type of Microsoft Outlook add-in for establishing e-mail rules and guidelines with the help of individual MailTips in companies.


Optimization of e-mail communication and improvement of the quality of the content without additional training.

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E-mail rules are regularly recalled and your e-mail etiquette is firmly anchored in the organization.

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Over 80% of users stated in studies that they had adjusted their emails again before sending them based on the MailScout recommendations.

Permanent introduction of e-mail guidelines in your company

Excellent innovative

Awarded and funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg with an innovation voucher.

Best IT innovations for medium-sized companies

Elected to the BEST OF IT innovations 2013 by the Initiative Mittelstand.

Good from research

Developed from the partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology UMSICHT.

The motivation for the development was the wish expressed by companies to make e-mail rules for the efficient use of e-mail known in the organization and to establish them more sustainably.

In many cases, a set of rules (e-mail etiquette, guidelines, policies, etc.) for e-mail use was in place in the company and a rollout took place. Nevertheless, the majority of the employees were not aware of the e-mail rules or they were not implemented. The reasons for this were inadequate rollouts and a lack of repetition of training measures, but also known as fluctuation.

MailScout is aimed at companies that want to take a simple and innovative approach to effectively and sustainably anchoring e-mail rules in their organizations.

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MailScout E-Mail Knigge - Innovationsgutschein
MailScout E-Mail Knigge - Best of Initiative Mittelstand
MailScout E-Mail Knigge - Fraunhofer