MailScout for Microsoft Outlook®

Simply better e-mails. Time management support, recommendations, access to e-mail guidelines and more!

Simply better e-mails. Time management support, recommendations, access to e-mail guidelines and more!

MailScout InboxTime helps to better manage e-mails by providing tools for inbox time management as well as individual recommendations for the efficient and compliant use of e-mails. 

MailScout InboxTime makes you aware of the number of received and sent emails for the current day and ... Individual recommendations based on your company’s e-mail guidelines.

Help with e-mail time management. Calculates the time required to read and process unread and flagged messages to support the user’s time management.

Direct Access to corporate guidelines
In this area you can enter general information to e-mail relevant topics, for example guidelines for Data Privacy, Private use of E-mails and Internet, E-mail Efficiency, Brand Communication, E-mail Trainings, Information on other collaboration tools etc.
In this way, your Outlook users have direct access to all relevant information and policies for handling e-mails in your company.


Quick Start: Ready to use right away, with 5 pre-configured best practices

The download version contains 5 popular email efficiency guidelines. Thus you will see how MailScout could work for your company:


  • Display of

    • E-mails received / sent today

    • Number of new emails and e-mails flagged for postprocessing in Inbox plus required reading and processing time 

  • Show predefined case-by-case recommendations for email optimization in the following cases:

    • Reply All

    • Hand off

    • Insert a CC receiver

    • Using a distribution list

    • Sending a message with attachment to an external recipient

  • Corporate information and links to guidelines​, trainings etc. with regards to e-mail efficiency, data pricacy and IT security etc.


Reducing the number of emails and improving content quality without additional training costs.



88 % of users reported in studies that they optimized emails based on the MailScout recommendations before sending them.



E-mail rules are regularly recalled and your e-mail guidelines firmly anchored in the organization.


Try now!

Install our free of charge demo version to discover what MailScout can do for you. Follow these steps to install the add-in:

  1. In Outlook click File > Manage add-ins .

  2. On the Manage Add-Ins screen, click the + symbol above the table.

  3. Select Add from URL

  4. Enter URL .

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